We offer two distinct types of workshops geared towards building community and fostering individual creativity. All of our programs blend the rich tapestry of Jewish history with the world of art, fostering a profound connection to Jewish knowledge and culture. In every workshop, we start with a clear history of the ritual object to understand the origins and evolution of Jewish practices. Then, we move to the specific examples that give insights into different historical and cultural periods of Jewish life.  These combined informational presentations ground the journey of the object in both time and space. This is followed by the creative component of the workshop, where participants are guided to design and create their own versions of the object that reflect their personal experiences.  

Community Building

Our community building programs are lead by Ellen Alt, who has facilitated community art projects around the world, including high tension conflict zones. Building on her years of experience, Alt plans projects to meet your specific community dynamics, and directs them for success. 

Fostering Individual Creativity 

The high school, college, and adult workshops are facilitated by dedicated members of our team who bring all the necessary materials to your institution. Workshops take place over one or several sessions, depending on the goals and the complexity of the project. 

Through all our workshops, we aim to inspire a deep sense of Jewish identity, empowering students on their journey of self-discovery while nurturing a vibrant understanding of Jewish heritage. Join us in unlocking the transformative power of creativity in Jewish learning and expression.