The Jewish people have survived and thrived throughout history because of resilience, adaptability, and creativity. 

Olam Arts is a recognition of that vibrant spirit. 


Olam Arts is an educational organization passionately committed to enriching Judaism through the power of creativity. Our mission centers on invigorating Jewish learning through historical information, collaborative exploration, and creative expression, fostering a dynamic and vibrant understanding of Jewish faith and culture. We envision a world where students from high school, college, and adult learning embrace their Jewish identities with pride. Our programming is designed to empower everyone on this journey of self-discovery.


Delve into our rich cultural history with world-class scholars and educators. Learn about the history of Jewish art and culture through dynamic, rigorous educational programming grounded in historical and cultural context. 


Look at ritual objects and primary sources to understand the context and history of Jewish communities around the world. 


Work with professional artists to take this inspirational learning and connect it to personal creativity. Make your own ritual objects in a guided workshop for novice and experienced artists alike.