Kehila Canvas


Learn about the histories of Jewish Communities and how they express collective identity. 

This Seder plate, the oldest ever found, is one of few Jewish items that endured after Jews were expelled from Spain. It features an inscription in the middle representing key Passover elements: the Paschal lamb, matzah, bitter herbs, and the Seder itself. 

Marc Chagall was commissioned to create illustrations for the Passover Haggadah during the rise of Nazism and anti-Semitism in Europe, seeking to celebrate and preserve Jewish culture through his art. His Haggadah illustrations, blending vivid colors, dreamlike imagery, and Jewish symbolism with his modernist style, are considered a powerful expression of Jewish identity and resilience.


Discuss how your community can interpret and celebrate their collective identity, inspired by the words and objects from Jewish history. Think of how you would express your sense of community. 


Take inspiration from the design, materials, and histories of the historic objects and the community discussion to create a banner that represents your shared identity and ideals. 

Kehila Canvas created with Camp Ramah Oaji, Passover 2024