Ellen Alt

Ellen Alt is an experienced educator and practicing artist. She is the Artist–in–Resident at the Park Avenue Synagogue where she works to design community wide projects that reinforce Jewish educational values through a visual lens.  Alt taught creativity and visual arts in the graduate education department and precollege programs at Brandeis University and is the art coordinator for Schechter Manhattan. Ellen Alt’s artwork is inspired by languages, alphabets and symbols. Her mixed media work has been exhibited in the U.S, Germany, Russia, China, England and the Middle East. One of her pieces was presented to Hillary Clinton on the occasion of the peace treaty between Israel and Jordan and is in the collection of the White House. Alt also organizes community sculpture and mural projects throughout the world.  She holds an MA in studio art from New York University and a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. 

https://www.instagram.com/ellen_alt_artist, http://www.ellenaltjudaic.com/, http://www.ellenalt.com/, http://www.ellenaltcommunity.com/

Edward Maza

Edward Maza is a scholar-educator focused on Jewish art history and material culture. During his tenure as head of humanities at The Idea School, a Project-Based-Learning high school, he developed creative, interdisciplinary curricula across the humanities and ran a teacher mentorship and training program. In addition to his work in high school education, Maza has worked at museums in the US and the UK and is a fellow of the Oxford University Centre for the Study of the Bible. His work has appeared in academic and popular publications, and he continues to publish on Jewish art and culture. Edward Maza holds a BA in art history and education from Yale and an MPhil in Hebrew Bible from the University of Oxford; he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in art history at Princeton.